Interior Features

  • Interior featured of Beechcroft Commons will include:
  • Exterior perimeter walls insulated to code (IECC)
  • Each tenant space to be provided with a single, roof mounted, gas fired HVAC unit, sized for normal occupant load for mercantile occupancy.  Air distribution to be a single 4-way discharge.
  • It is anticipated this air distribution would be replaced with a ducted system during the Tenant Improvement package after interior layout is determined.
  • Each tenant space would be provided with its own independently metered electrical service sized to adequately serve the anticipated load of a mercantile occupancy (most likely a 200A panel)
  • Sanitary sewer shall be provided by a common system with each tenant space being provided with a 4” PVC stub out located in the rear of each unit.  Depth of the sewer should be designed to allow plumbing to be located as needed in the front portions of the spaces.
  • It is anticipated that each space would be provided with a ¾” potable water source with each space being individually metered
  • No automatic fire sprinklers are anticipated
  • No interior ceilings proposed at this time, exposed structure, primed steel only, no additional painted finish. Ceilings, as desired by each tenant would be part of the TI packages.
  • Interior floor to be crushed stone, no vapor barrier.

Additional notes regarding interior features:

There is anticipated to be a 4’ wide pour back strip of concrete at the exterior walls to allow for the construction of the exterior wall systems. This allows each tenant to locate underground plumbing and electrical without having to saw cut the floor for installation.